Kresten Lindorff-Larsen


Section for Biomolecular Sciences Department of Biology Copenhagen Biocenter, University of Copenhagen


Our research combines biochemistry, biophysics and structural biology to tackle fundamental problems in biology with a focus on protein science. We focus on developing and applying methods that combine experiments with computational modelling. Our research topics bridge from basic to applied science, and I have experience working both in academia and industry.

We work in a cross-disciplinary research environment, where we currently focus on two research areas. First, we integrate molecular simulations with biophysical experiments to study the structure, dynamics and functions of proteins including intrinsically disordered proteins and protein-ligand interactions. Second, we combine data from high-throughput experiments and methods from cell biology with computational biophysics and data science to problems in genomic medicine. We focus on developing mechanistic models and understanding of variant effects in disease. Common to these areas is a drive to understand biology at the molecul

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