Lykke Sylow

Associate Professor

Molecular Metabolism in Cancer and Ageing Group, Department of Biomedical Sciences, University of Copenhagen


Her groups research focuses on delineating the molecular causes of muscle wasting and associated metabolic dysfunctions. We are trying to identify mechanisms that, at the molecular level, might regulate muscle mass, function, and metabolism. By employing cellular, murine, and human models and samples, our research aims to uncover novel concepts and pharmacological targets to ameliorate insulin resistance and cachexia in various age-related afflictions such as cancer, sarcopenia, and diabetes.
With muscle wasting and insulin resistance being central features of cancer cachexia, ageing, and diabetes, we are uncovering the pathology of these conditions at the molecular level. One area of particular interest is investigating the potential for exercise training to ameliorate or even reverse muscle wasting and metabolic aberrations. Specifically, we focus upon the intricate molecular pathways that govern the maintenance of cellular homeostasis, muscle mass and metabolism.

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