Rikke Buhl

Professor, PhD, DVM


Equine cardiology has been my main research area since graduation from Vet school in 1999. In 2004, I defended my PhD thesis within cardiology with focus on “Equine Athlete’s Heart”. I have continued the research within this area first as assistant professor and later as associate professor within Large Animal Internal Medicine. Lately I have been appointed as professor within equine cardiology.

My research area was for the first years concentrated within the area of “Athlete’s Heart”. I was the first to describe the development of heart size and prevalence of valvular regurgitation in trotters as a result of long standing physical exercise. The main results of these studies are that training induces significant cardiac hypertrophy with large individual variation among horses. Also a dramatic increase in the prevalence of valvular regurgitation was observed, and for some horses this lead to reduced racing performance.

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