Martin Hylleholt Sillesen

Associate Professor

Surgery, Center for Surgical Translational and Artificial Intelligence Research (CSTAR), Department of Surgical Gastroenterology, Center for Cancer and Organ Diseases, Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen


​Research is one of the cornerstones of Rigshospitalet. This means that research occupies a very special place of importance and priority at Rigshospitalet. Research findings are obtained and disseminated through extensive national and international collaboration.​ ​Rigshospitalet’s research and development will provide new knowledge and understanding of the disease, which can contribute to improving health through prevention, diagnosis and treatment.

At Rigshospitalet, research is an integral part of the treatment practices and treatment practices based on research. It is the objective of Rigshospitalet to promote research of high quality and lead the development and application of the documented treatment, leading to the best healthcare result.

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