Jens-Christian Holm

Clinical and Research Associate Professor


MD Jens-Christian Holm, PhD is a Consultant in Paediatrics, Clinical and Research Associate Professor, and Head of The Childrens’ Obesity Clinic, Department of Paediatrics, University Hospital Holbæk, Denmark.

In 2007, Jens-Christian Holm established The Childrens’ Obesity Clinic (TCOCT) – a multidisciplinary childhood obesity chronic-care treatment facility. TCOCT is unique, and offers families a paradigmatic shift in approach by understanding child obesity as a chronic disease. We understand that the fat mass is endocrinologically regulated and offer a unique and successful treatment protocol.

TCOCT offers an innovative pedagogy providing empathy, self-identification and authenticity. This treatment approach has reduced obesity among 70-75% of participating children and adolescents enrolled in both hospital and primary municipality clinics. It also improves family health.

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