Gabriele Scorrano

Assistant professor

Section for GeoGenetics, Globe Institute, University of Copenhagen


The Section for GeoGenetics operates in the cross-field between genetics, geology and archaeology.
The section uses genomic, metagenomic and mineralogy to study evolution, human-environment interaction, past climate- and environments, diseases, speciation and ecological processes, and animal domestication. The section uses state-of-the-art technologies to break scientific boundaries, and our research questions are founded on cross disciplinary research.

Our research aims are to improve current methodologies within ancient genomics by optimizing protocols and develop novel, fast computational and statistical tools in order to address important scientific questions. We accomplish this, using multi-disciplinary approaches both from the diverse research within the section as well as a range of collaborators. Our main techniques include DNA extraction and sequencing, bioinformatics, sedimentology, molecular geobiology Quaternary climate, and archaeology.

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