Dimitrios Stamou


Department of Chemistry, University of Copenhagen


Our lab is developing disruptive technologies to study membranes and membrane proteins on the nanoscale using fluorescence microscopy. Membrane proteins are one of the most important classes of proteins in biology comprising more than 60% of existing pharmaceutical targets. Our current work focuses on two ubiquitous families of transmembrane proteins, G protein coupled receptors and transporters .

The exciting problems we are investigating are situated at the interface of biology, physics and nanotechnology, and to address them experimentally we have assembled a dynamic, interdisciplinary, group of top-tier biophysicists, biochemists, molecular and cellular biologists, and nanotechnologists.

Research keywords: Nanoscale membrane biophysics, membrane curvature, single molecules, fluorescence microscopy, Ras, G protein coupled receptors, primary and secondary active transporters.

Professor Stamou is currently heading the Center for Geometrically Engineered Cellular Systems (GEC).

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