Dennis Sandris Nielsen


Department of Food Science, University of Copenhagen


Dennis Sandris Nielsen's primary fields of research include:
- Microbial behavior in complex environments.

- The association between the mammalian gut microbiome (GM), health and disease and how GM is influenced by diet, pre- and probiotics (in vivo and in vitro).

- The role of bacteriophages in the gastrointestinal tract.

- Targeted interventions to manipulate the gut microbiome (bacteriophages etc.).

- Fermented Foods (cocoa, wine, coffee, indigenous fermented foods, fermentation as flavour enhancer, fermentation as a tool to improve nutritional value).

- Rapid methods for culture-dependent and culture-independent (qPCR, high throughput sequencing) characterisation of complex microbiological communities.

- Coupling of bioinformatic and chemical/spectroscopic data using multivariate data analysis.

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