Anastasios Marantos

PhD Fellow

Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen


Biocomplexity is a cutting-edge area of ​​research between physics and biology. By using the principles and methods of physics one can explore the living nature and biological phenomena.

"More is different" by P. W. Anderson emphasizes emergent phenomena on a wide range of scales in nature.

In BioComplexity, we continuously explore the diversity of complex phenomena in biological, physical and social systems, including pattern formation, complex and chaotic dynamics, fluid dynamics, game theory, networks and econophysics.

We build on our strength of using physics approaches to suggest and perform experiments and models of living systems. The systems range from proteins and gene regulation to larger-scale collective spatiotemporal structure formation. The research is often a collaboration between physicists, biologists, medical doctors, and nanoscientists.

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