Atul Shahaji Deshmukh

Associate Professor

Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Basic Metabolic Research, University of Copenhagen


Our goal is to investigate protein dynamics and how they relate to metabolism. By using Mass-Spectrometry-based proteomics, we provide detailed understanding of the molecular mechanisms that regulate whole-body metabolism. We uncover new insights into metabolic disease, and strategy.
The development of metabolic diseases are highly complex and likely to be the result of altered protein dynamics.
The group combines state-of-the art proteomics technology with in vivo and in vitro expertise, to address how altered protein dynamics influence metabolism during health and disease. We are specifically interested in how exercise and diet influence the secretome, post-translational modifications, subcellular organization of proteins and the mitochondrial supercomplexome.
Associate Professor Atul Deshmukh explains; “Our new approach of combining proteomics within metabolic studies provides previously unobtainable mechanistic insight into the development and treatment of metabolic diseases.

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