Emilie Hovendal

Research Assistant

Children’s Obesity Clinic, Holbæk Hospital and Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Basic Metabolic Research, University of Copenhagen


The Children’s Obesity Clinic in 2007 based on available recommendations and especially on the American published in Paediatrics 2007 by Barlow et al. This means that all our knowledge within the clinic in terms of understanding obesity and its multiple multiple multiple interactions were as best possible grounded in evidence. I took this a few steps further, since I was as a paediatrician experienced in handling patients with various acute and chronic diseases, I introduced a similar way of tackling our patients with obesity as if it was any other patient with any other paediatric disease. This means that we offered consultations with a full multidisciplinary team as well as prioritised the patients in terms of blood sampling, DEXA scans, MR spectroscopy scans etc as we do with all the other patients in our paediatric ward.

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