Daniel Modin

Research Fellow

Department of Cardiology, Herlev and Gentofte University Hospital


Development and improvement of diagnostics and treatments of heart disease with special emphasis on invasive cardiology and registries.

Diagnostics and treatment of ischemic heart disease through examination of new biochemical and imaging techniques with echocardiography, CT scan and MR scan, and new medicine and new angioplasty techniques.
Extensive epidemiologic research, in particular within cardiovascular pharmacoepidemiology, We cooperate with large Danish registers, eg the Danish National Patient Registry, the Danish Heart Registry and the Danish Register of Medicinal Product Statistics.
Echocardiographically guidedtreatment of severe heart disease, with biventricular pacemaker or ICD unit.
Early heart disease detection in diabetes.
The connection between inflammation and heart disease.
Diagnostics and treatment of infectious endocarditis (heart valve infection)
Comparison of thermal and cold ablation in atrial fibrillation
Nursing based register studies about the patient's self-assessed health when discharged from the heart centre.
‎Qualitative based nursing research focusing on the patient's experience when having a heart disease.

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