Anna Katerina Fotaki

Academic employee

Section for Evolutionary Genomics, GLOBE institute, University of Copenhagen


“The Section for Evogenomics applies integrated ‘omics approaches, that draw principally from genomics, transcriptomics, metabarcoding, metagenomics and proteomics. The aim is to provide new (and sometimes unorthodox) solutions to classic questions concerning both ecology and evolution but also to applied topics such as biomedicine, food production and agriculture. The interests of our research groups are broad, but are unified in the belief that state of the art ‘omics technologies have enormous potential to offer across the natural and applied sciences. We embrace initiatives to turn methods once highly specialised and restrictive in their application such as genomics and proteomics, into tools of widespread general relevance. In this regard, we both invest considerable effort into the standardisation and democratisation of these, but also showcase their relevance widely.”

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