Anja Groth


Biotech Research & Innovation Centre BRIC, University of Copenhagen


Anja Groth graduated as a Master of Science from the University of Copenhagen in 2000. She did her master studies on the roles of oncogenic Ras cell cycle control and senescence in the laboratories of Dr. Berthe M. Willumsen, University of Copenhagen, and Drs. Charles J. Sherr and Martine F. Roussel, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Memphis, USA. Anja Groth received her PhD in Molecular Biology from the University of Copenhagen in 2004 for her research on checkpoint signaling and chromatin assembly in the laboratory of Drs. Jiri Lukas and Jiri Bartek at the Danish Cancer Society. In 2005 Dr. Groth joined the laboratory of Dr. Geneviève Almouzni at Institut Curie, Paris, as a post doctoral research fellow. Her post-doctoral work focused on Asf1 and histone dynamics during DNA replication. In 2007 Dr. Groth was awarded the Lundbeck Foundation Junior Group Leader Fellowship to continue her work as a group leader at BRIC.

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