Yoshiki Narimatsu

Associate Professor

Copenhagen Center for Glycomics, University of Copenhagen


Technical barriers have left the glycomics field under-explored with a huge potential for discovery and biomedical applications. We are developing novel enabling technologies to overcome these barriers using a genetic approach to glycomics. Our unique strategies to glycomics are based on a genetic entry point and designed for open-ended and opportunistic Ome-wide discovery. The grand idea is to transform glycosciences from a field largely only approachable to specialists into a mainstream “Omics” field approachable to non-specialists with an ease comparable to the genome and proteome fields today. Our specific discovery programs GlycoDisplay, GlycoCRISPR, GlycoDesign, and GlycoView are developing unique reagents, tools and community resources that will help bring glycosciences into a new phase where studying the biology of glycans becomes as intuitive as building with “Lego”.

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