Peer Bork

Professor, Director

of the Heidelberg site of the European Molecular Biology Laboratory (EMBL), Germany


The main focus of the Bork group is to gain insights into the functioning of biological systems and their evolution by comparative analysis and integration of complex molecular data.

The group currently works on three different spatial scales, but with common underlying methodological frameworks:
- Microbial communities.
- Molecular and cellular networks.
- Genes, proteins, and small molecules.

We usually work in new or emerging research areas and balance methodological work with biological discoveries. Past frontier research projects include participation in the Human Genome Project (Lander et al., Nature 2001), foundational work on the study of protein interaction networks (von Mering et al., Nature 2002), and comparative metagenomics (Tringe et al., Science 2005), as well as exploration of drug–target interactions using global human ‘read-outs’ such as side-effects (Campillos et al., Science 2008).

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