Klara Coello

Postdoctoral fellow and doctor

Mental Health Services Centre Copenhagen


Early phases of psychotic disorders, psychotic disorder and substance abuse, anxiety and depression, children of parents with severe mental disorder, suicidal ideation and suicidal behaviour, and the role of inflammatory mechanisms. We conduct large randomised clinical trials (RCT) in which we evaluate psychosocial interventions such as specialised assertive intervention in first episode psychosis (OPUS trial), life style changes in patients with psychosis (CHANGE trial), cognitive remediation in patients with early signs of imminent psychotic disorder (FOCUS trial), supported employment in anxiety and depression (IPS-MA) and psychosis (IPS), monitored dose reduction in first episode psychosis patients (TAILOR), better treatment of suicidal ideas and risk of repeated suicide attempts (AID, SOS, MINPLAN), treatment of people on sick leave because of anxiety, depression or stress (IBBIS).

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