Jenny Kindblom

Associate Professor

Institute of Medicine, University of Gothenburg


Associate professor Jenny Kindblom´s main focus is in epidemiology and how childhood and adolescence may contribute to adult morbidity and mortality. She is the PI of the ongoing population-based BMI Epidemiology Study (BEST) Gothenburg, a well-powered cohort where information on childhood height and weight have been collected from pediatric growth charts and linked with national registers. The overall aim is to determine the role of childhood height, weight, BMI obesity and pubertal timing for adult diseases such as cardiovascular and metabolic disease, cancer and fractures. She is the main supervisor of PhD students Maria Bygdell and Jimmy Celind.

She is also interested in different aspects of pediatric pharmacology.

Jenny Kindblom is also a specialist in clinical pharmacology at the Sahlgrenska University Hospital where she works with pediatric clinical trials at the Pediatric Clinical Research Center at Gothia Forum.

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