Stig Purup

Senior Scientist and Adjunct Professor

Dept. of Animal Science, Aarhus University and Aalborg University


Stig Purup's research includes investigation of bioactive components in food and feedstuff and their importance for the nutritional and health beneficial effect. Focus is natural occurring compounds, compounds from outside, and compounds that have been either added or synthesised as a result of cultivation production, manufacture or storage. The importance and physiological effects of the bioactive components in consumers and animals is studied by use of in vitro cell-based models and experimental animals. A specific research area of interest is bioactive components in natural mixtures such as milk, blood and plant- and tissue extracts. Bioactive components of current interest are growth factors, hormones, fatty acids, vitamins, selenoproteins, phytoestrogens, mycotoxins and polyacetylenes. The research also includes the physiology associated with synthesis and secretion of bioactive components from the mammary gland into the milk.

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