Michael Krogh Jensen

Senior Researcher

Novo Nordisk Foundation Center for Biosustainability


In the section Synthetic Biology Tools for Yeast (SBTY) we develop engineering tools and high-resolution data that can dramatically increase the speed, efficiency and rational by which yeast-based cell factories are engineered, screened and selected for. The laboratory is part of the Novo Nordisk Foundation center for Biosustainability at the Technical University of Denmark. In SBTY We put particular emphasis on how to engineer and evolve yeast genomes for improved performance of yeast as biocatalysts, and the development of high-throughput screening and selection tools enabled by genetically encoded biosensor devices. By way of our new synthetic biology tools, metabolic engineers and modelers are able to accelerate the turn-around time for cell factory development. Currently we are 5 PostDocs. 4 PhD students and 2 Research technicians in our group, with complementary expertise within metabolic engineering, evolution, genetics and bioengineering.

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