Laura Teinholt Finne

PhD student

Department of Pharmacy, University of Copenhagen


The Pharmaceutical Physical and Analytical Chemistry group applies physical chemical approaches in combination with advanced analytical techniques to advance understanding of fundamental processes in drug design, development and characterization. Common to the activities is a focus on the interplay between basic physical chemical properties of drug substances and excipients, kinetics and transport processes in relation to both delivery and analytical methods.
The group designs delivery systems for parenteral administration (subcutaneous or intra-articular injection), including solid lipid particles, cubosomes and hexosomes, liquid crystalline depots, as well as prodrugs and in situ formulation forming systems.
Development of analytical chemical concepts and methods is a hallmark of the group. LC, CE and TDA with inductively coupled plasma-mass spectrometry (ICP-MS), mass-spectrometry or fluorescence are used for developing quantitative methods.

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