Hana Sedlackova



Hana Sedlackova graduated with MSc from Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic . She undertook research project in Lumir Krejci lab (2009-2016), where she focused on biochemical characterization of helicases and nucleases and its role in maintenance of genome integrity.

In 2016, she joined prof Jiri Lukas group at NNF Center for Protein Research as part of the Copenhagen Bioscience PhD Programme. In her PhD project, she studies process of DNA replication and its regulation by the network of multifunctional protein complexes. Combining approaches of biochemistry, molecular biology, genetics and cell biology she is trying to understand the biological significance and balance between two forms of active and inactive MCM helicase (one of the key driver of DNA replication) – the phenomena also known as ‘MCM paradox’.

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