Eric Ravussin

Boyd Professor, Director, Douglas L. Gordon Chair in Diabetes and Metabolism

Pennington Biomedical Research Centre and Nutrition Obesity Research Center


Dr. Ravussin is a world expert in the conduct of translational research in obesity and type 2 diabetes. Over his more than 30 year career, he has conducted numerous clinical investigations on measures of energy expenditure, body composition, carbohydrate metabolism and biomarkers of aging in health and disease states. More specifically over the past 15 years he has established a wet lab studying skeletal muscle and adipose tissue cross talks and the relationship of these two tissues on inflammation, nutrient partitioning and insulin sensitivity. He has published more than 450 peer reviewed manuscripts in the field of obesity, type 2 diabetes and aging. He has mentored more than 60 postdoctoral fellows. Over the past 10 years he has conducted translational research on the impact of caloric restriction on biomarkers of aging, looked at the impact of weight loss and weight gain (overfeeding) in the cross talk between adipose and skeletal muscle and has conducted randomized clinical trial on the impact of dietary, activity, surgical and pharmacological interventions on insulin sensitivity.

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